meet mollykate

My fashion journey started when I was in elementary school, sewing outfits for our class pets. Years later, and I'm now graduated from fashion design school and showcasing my designs on runways around the country. 

As a designer, I find inspiration from the original Designer Himself. I aim to always put my faith for the Lord first, and show His glory through everything I create. 

When I'm not designing, you can find me creating content online through my blog, Youtube, podcast or Instagram. The heart of my content, is to inspire young girls to love themselves where they're at, and remind them of the beautiful being they were created to be.

And lastly, my current endeavor is my online shop, Rooted in Love Co. which was founded during my time in Praxis' Emerging Founders Program, where I became entranced with social entrepreneurship and business as ministry. Through my online shop, I create eco-friendly clothing, accessories and candles all of which give a portion of the proceeds to help plant trees overseas for farmers and their families. 

xoxo, MK