My Perfect Summer Sunday

While my work days are filled with designing, paperwork, and everything in between, I look forward to the weekend just like everybody else! (Yes, I work from home, but it can get so lonely!) Sundays are my favorite day of the week because it’s my Sabbath day, meaning, a whole day of rest! So I wanted to write a little blog post today sharing with all of you, my idea of the perfect summer Sunday!

But before we get to that! I want to share with you my idea of the perfect summer outfit. A flowy maxi dress, sandals, and rose gold accessories. This dress is from Standards & Practices and can be found at Target here!

The perfect summer Sunday for me always starts out with church! I go to a small family focused church called Hillcrest, and I’ve been going for over 2 years now! This is where I met my boyfriend Gabe, and I love seeing him play drums up on stage in the worship band every week. Starting out my Sundays with church has become essential for me, because it allows me time to stop, reflect, and refresh for the week ahead. We have an amazing church family, filled with my fellow college friends and Gabriel’s family, and so I’ve always felt safe and loved in this community and look forward to seeing them every week.

Next, is after church lunch! This varies week to week, but whichever family members are there that day, we all get together and hit up a local fast food shop! (Yep, it’s usually Taco Bell or Cane’s!)

Following lunch, Gabriel & I are usually feeling refreshed and so happy after spending time with family! I seriously can’t stress enough how important it is to have a strong foundation with your family, and how happy his family makes me!

Next, Gabriel & I will go antiquing!

Antiquing is our absolute favorite thing to do!

This is something we both grew up doing, and when we met each other, we were so happy we could go together! We have a list of our favorite spots, if you’re in Columbus:,, and

We could spend all day in antique malls. We both have a list of items we like to search for! Some items include Harley Davidson oil cans, vintage sewing machines, type writers, cassettes, Atari games, Walkman radios, anything Coke or 7 UP, old Vogue sewing patterns, Gameboy games, the list goes on!

After antiquing, is usually when we head back to my apartment, we cook dinner together and binge watch our shows until it’s time for him to leave. I just moved into my new apartment (apartment blog coming soon!) so we’re having so much fun learning to grocery shop and cook together! Favorite meals so far include: bowtie chicken with broccoli and grilled salmon with rice and veggies!

So that’s about it for this blog, not very exciting, but a glimpse into my life! Stay tuned because I have really fun posts coming up!




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