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Hello fashionistas!

Today’s blog post is going to be sweet and simple, we’re talkin’ dainty details! These are the key pieces we add into our wardrobes that put the cherry on top of our look for the day. Recently, I’ve been SO busy (ummmm hello Fashion Week….only 3 weeks away!) so my outfits have been very casual nowadays.

Seriously, right now is the best time for simple, casual outfits. We’re back to school, the weather is getting colder, homework is piling on more and more…..my signature look has been leggings or jeans, a basic white tee, and a cardigan. (And on the days where lets be honest, I haven’t showered in forever, a pink ball cap or grey beanie)

As I’m walking out the door, I stop by my jewelry basket and ALWAYS grab some rose gold jewelry for the day….if you know me well, you’ll know how much I obsess over rose gold! Throwing on a ball cap, a beanie, an oversized scarf, a gemstone ring, rose gold earrings, a simple necklace….these are all dainty and simple details we can add into our busy lives and make us feel alittle bit better each day.

The images featured in this post are from Little Sky Stone here in Columbus, Ohio. I found this brand years ago and fell in love right away because not only are their pieces adorable (yesssss rose gold!!!) but they’re also local to the city I live in, the owners are so genuine and nice, and I believe in investing in quality jewelry pieces over having a million half broken bracelets from Forever 21 that let’s be honest, have turned all of our skin green, we never really wear often, and somehow is still cluttering up all of our dressers. (you know it’s true!)

So that’s about it for today….shop local, invest in your pieces, and always throw in a little somethin somethin to your outfit each day! Dainty details are just too simple to overlook!





    December 12th, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Heard you on the channel 95.3 at 3pm where american stories are told and felt your story so powerful. My heart goes out to you. God loves you and showed his work in your life the way you expressed it was so beautiful.
    I saw your bracelet with the cross if that is you line of jewelry would love to buy it if available. If not, it’s okay just so happy for you and I pray God will take you even further. You are such a light in this world. thank you

  2. Ellis

    April 13th, 2019 at 4:24 am

    I like the article

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