Top Style Trends of June 2018


Hey everyone!! Today I am super excited to share with you what I find to be the top style trends of June 2018….why? Because something tells me they’re not going away in July or August either.

Yup, they’re here for the summer!

Not only are these trends super cute—but even better, they’re super effortless (which is perfect for busy girls like me!) Check out the mood board I put together above for inspiration, and I’ll mention the stores these pieces are from below!

1.) Wrap Skirt—Ahhh the quick and easy wrap skirt! These are very on trend right now for summertime with the warmer weather. I’ve been seeing them in all lengths—mini, midi, maxi, you name it. Most wrap skirts have a tie front which I think is nice because you can keep it simple and tie a knot or make it girly and go with a bow. (Speaking of girly—I love wrap skirts with a ruffle trim!) Where to buy: My favorite wrap skirts shown above are from Free People and Anthropologie.

2.) Paper Bag Pant—Okay so very similar to the wrap skirt in regards to style lines and the tie front, high waisted paper bag pants are seriously SO easy to style. I like to have a few different pairs in my closet—(pink, navy, black, ect) and then pair it with a simple white top. Effortless. It makes getting dressed for my 9-5 job in the morning way too easy. Where to buy: Anthropologie, Target, or Free People. (You’re gonna want to invest in a few nice pairs of these in staple colors, so this isn’t a piece to skimp out on! I tried a pair from Forever 21 and the side seams fell apart in the wash!)

3.) Tassel Earrings—Please tell me you’ve been seeing these everywhere! (If not, where have you been?!) Tassel jewelry has recently taken off, from local artisans, to larger retailers like Target and even in FabFitFun subscription boxes. Basically—-they’re very on trend. I will say though, when a trend strikes this hot…I have a feeling this one could burn out quick. Where to Buy: Express, Target, Free People, Anthropologie.

4.) Slides—Thank goodness the easiest shoes in the universe are also the cutest right now. Slide sandals are seriously becoming everything—-they give a very cool but relaxed vibe. (I’ll be honest I used to think slides were only an athletic thing but that’s so not the case—-bonus points if your slides have tassels on them) I like to wear slides with a slight heel to work because it’s a little more formal, but the second I’m home I put on my flat slides and they’re perfect to go run errands or grab ice cream (which I do way too often) Where to Buy: Target Target Target! I got my favorite slides here, and they’re SUCH good quality. Another good and surprising option—Wet Seal

5.) Bell Sleeves—Okay so bell sleeves have kinda been making it’s comeback for almost a year now, but they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! Bell sleeves can be worn in any season, because they literally look great in any fabric. We see them drape in lightweight chiffon and also look amazing in a structured knit. I’m feeling super grateful because about a year ago my boyfriend’s mom gave me some vintage sewing patterns and I learned how to sew a bell sleeve—-now I put them on just about everything! Where to Buy: Target, Free People, Old Navy, Anthropologie—literally anywhere nowadays!

So that’s that! My favorite trends of June 2018…and if you haven’t put it together in your head quite yet—you can totally combine these pieces for the perfect effortless summer look! (Pick either a wrap skirt or paper bag pant, add a simple bell sleeve top, and pick out a pair of tassel earrings and slides in the same color to draw your outfit together head to toe!)


  1. Christi

    June 28th, 2018 at 6:06 am

    I’ve always wanted to try these pants. Now maybe it’s the season to do so! Great blog!

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